Sober Thoughts

June 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

I saw this poster on Hackney Road today and it reminded me that I’m on week 5 of not drinking.

The original idea was to cut out the booze as, having done a food diary, one quickly realizes that you are 99% toast and that your toast consumption can be worked out thus:

Hour you get home x slices

So 3am is 3 slices, 4am is 4 and so on…..

Couple this with an annoying cough that gets your studio door opened for you as you step up to it (‘I could hear you coming’) and it made sense to stop drinking and to by default, start eating properly. 2 weeks in and the cough disappeared. 5 weeks in and I have so much energy that I’m still out With The Kids at 6am and am seriously in need of going to a gym to burn some of it off.

Although this may be due to the fact that lime cordial makes me hyper!


Paloma Stone Cold Sober


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